Sep-2-2021 04:52:50 PM
Latest News from LogicPro

Let's start with the most important announcement! We are incredibly happy to see how you, our members, welcomed BRAND NEW LOGICPRO! This month brought in almost as many new investors as the whole past year.

We have 42000 users, 37000 of whom are fully active investors. An average deposit has grown up to $1400 and total amount of deposits grew up to $60,000,000. We are grateful for the loyalty of our members, who are investing more and more and profit with us every day.

A few important moments we want to share with you:

1. As you can see the number of our users is growing every day, and many of them, especially at the beginning stages of our relationship are looking for the help of our Support Team. And even though the number of our live-chat operators is growing every day as well, they hardly can keep up with the number of questions being asked by newcomers. We are more than happy to keep helping you grow your business, so let's make life a little bit easier for each other. You, our dear members, very often ask questions, answers to which can be easily found in the FAQ section of our website.
Last week we upgraded our live-chat space, so now you can find all the necessary information and answers to all your questions in a built-in FAQ search.

2. One of the most often asked questions: "Do you pay the referral bonuses if I make a deposit from my balance?"
The answer is YES! That's how it's been from the very opening of the project, and will stay that way. A lot of our investors use this opportunity to reinvest their funds directly from the balance and keep steadily receiving the referral bonuses. Why do that? Because you are here to make money, not losing it on endless commissions. That's especially true for crypto currency.

3. Another question you frequently ask is about Regional representatives of LogicPro around the world.
Yes, we are developing the program right now, and expecting it to be up and running in the next few weeks. You will receive an official letter about the launch of the program.

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Aug-12-2021 03:30:54 AM
Brand New LogicPro!!!

A few days ago our project passed the 900-day mark of our work. Since 2019 the cryptocurrency market has made an incredible leap and grown to an unprecedented size. Our team of traders reached new heights:
• we were able to increase a Statement of capital to 7 million USD, and grown into a company with a turnover of more than 50 million USD
• the number of traders has grown from 7 to 30 people
• monthly profit has increased from 17%-20% to 70%-80% over the past year

Meantime the profit percentage offered to our investors has remained at the same stable level. In the middle of last year we started working on a new group of investment plans for our investors. And today we are ready to present you a completely NEW and transformed LogicPro.

We offer three investment plans with a yield of 2%-3% per day. Everything remains almost the same as it was before. We intentionally do not use extra-profit and long-term plans with the end-of-a-term payments, as many other projects do. Instead we offer an every-day-yield plan that guarantees that our members can see the instant progress and control the profit.

We keep everything as clear and transparent as possible.

Here are the main points of NEW LogicPro:
• Three investment plans: 2% daily for 15 days, 2.5% daily for 30 days, and 3% daily for 45 days
For all plans your initial deposit will be returned to your account at the end of the deposit period. Daily profit will be paid on business days, Monday to Friday.
• We added several new payment systems – Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, Litecoin, Tron, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Binance Coin.
• 3 level referral program: 5% - 2% - 1%

We are here for the long run and will become the most successful one in the field. Go ahead with the investment. You will not be disappointed!

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Oct-6-2020 10:52:45 AM
600 Days Online

LogicPro has been online for 600 days and we are very happy to bring good news to all of our clients. 2500 members joined our project, and the number is constantly growing.

It is truly a pleasure being able to serve so many investors. Our team is standing by with professional expertise to answer any questions you might have.

Our average deposit has increased by 5 times. It’s a joy to know that LogicPro members have complete trust in us, and will never be disappointed.

Also we are happy to inform you that we received the 1st place (Top Performer Project) at

Thank you for your support and votes!

We are proud to say we are able to provide a stable profit to all of our clients and stand strong in this business, which would not happen without a thriving relationship between our clients and us.

Thank you for choosing Logic Pro,

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Feb-14-2020 12:49:15 PM
1 Year Online

It has been 1 year since we started our online business and we must admit that the response from countries all over the world has exceeded even our best predictions and expectations. This makes us look into the future of LogicPro with confidence and excitement. We are expecting to become a leading online investment program by the end of this year.

Our goal is to continuously work on making LogicPro better and better!

Thank you for choosing Logic Pro,

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Feb-14-2019 03:28:43 AM
Welcome to Logic Pro!

Starting today, investors from all over the world are welcome to start investing with us. Our goal is simple - to provide our members a great opportunity to invest their hard earned money wisely and profitably.

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